Hold up, Sam Fender was in a CBBC show when he was younger?!

Honestly, it’s not worth a watch

Unless you are a hardcore fan and know everything the Geordie heart-throb has ever done, you may think that Sam Fender has only come into the public eye in recent years. But you would be wrong. People on TikTok are now sharing that they spotted a familiar mop of blond hair in the background of a CBBC show from 10 years ago.

Whilst rewatching the five-series wonder CBBC show “Wolfblood”, a TikTok user noticed a very young Sam Fender make an appearance in one episode of the teen supernatural show. Wolfblood follows two teenagers as they battle to keep their superpowers as a “wolfblood” hidden from their friends. Despite being able to turn into wolves and having enhanced wolf-esque abilities such as super speed and hearing, they are definitely not werewolves and the show is definitely not a rip off of Teen Wolf, okay?

Sam Fender CBBC show

via BBC

Our boy Sammy makes his appearance in only one episode in the first season where he plays Dean, an aloof high-school heart-throb who the girls fight over. Literally, the episode watches as the characters of Maddy and Kay dance battle it out to win Dean’s affection, before they end up apologising to each other and the episode ends with a moral teaching about friendship. How cute.


Watching old cbbc and boyfriend spotted a certain someone. #samfender #wolfblood #cbbc #fyp

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Sam appears right from the episode’s outset and his character is integral to the playing out of the episode’s plot. His character is someone everyone already knows and is familiar with so it’s odd that he doesn’t appear in any previous episodes or any single one after, I guess the producers didn’t beg him to stick around. But that also might be a blessing in disguise as let’s just say, Sam won’t be getting an Oscar nomination anytime soon. The whole episode is nothing but cringe, and it’s 28 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

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