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The Umbrella Academy love lives: Who are the cast dating in real life?

Don’t worry, Robert Sheehan is single

With the release of season three of The Umbrella Academy comes the return of the will-they-won’t-they relationship between the characters of Allison and Luther. When two actors have that much chemistry on screen it can be hard to picture them with anyone else. But believe it or not, the actors from The Umbrella Academy do all actually have their own lives away from the show with romances and love interests of their own.

Unfortunately, Emmy Raver-Lampman who plays Allison and Tom Hooper who plays Luther are not together in real life, leaving everyone questioning if their characters will ever get together in the show. However, the actors who play on screen love interests Diego and Lila are rumoured to actually be dating in real life.

So, what is happening with the The Umbrella Academy cast’s love lives and most importantly, is Robert Sheehan single? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know:

Robert Sheehan

Relationship status: Single

the umbrella academy, netflix, love lives, relationships, dating

Via @rozzymikes on Instagram

Robert Sheehan plays the troubled and eccentric Klaus, who has the ability to see the dead – particularly his deceased brother Ben. In season one we see Klaus spend a year fighting in the Vietnam war where he falls in love with Dave, before his untimely death. In season two we see Klaus visit the younger version of his boyfriend Dave in the past, who, unsurprisingly, is very confused and rejects Klaus.

In real life, Robert met actress Sofia Boutella in 2014 on the set of their move Jet Trash. They dated for four years before confirming their split in 2018 and Robert has been single since.

Aidan Gallagher

Relationship status: Single

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Aidan plays the shows protagonist Number Five, who is stuck in his 13-year-old body despite actually being in his 50s. In the future, Number Five had a partner named Dolores, a mannequin at his local department store.

In real life, 18-year-old Aidan is single. In 2017, Aidan was believed to be dating actress Hannah McCloud. They were together for at a least six months, with Aidan posting photos of the pair to his Instagram to commemorate their anniversary. Aidan has also been romantically linked to actress Madisyn Shipman and Pretty Little Liars star Jessica Belkin.

Elliot Page

Relationship status: Divorced

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Elliot Page plays Viktor in the show, the extremely powerful violin player of the group. In season two we see Viktor fall for Sissy, the wife in the married couple she is a live in nanny for. They have plans to run away together but unfortunately this doesn’t work out as Viktor decides to stay with her siblings.

In real life it appears Elliot is also not as lucky in love, as in 2021 he announced he and his choreographer partner Emma Portner were getting divorced after three years of marriage.

Tom Hooper

Relationship status: Married

the umbrella academy, netflix, love lives, relationships, dating

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Tom Hooper plays the shows hairy, himbo heartthrob Luther, who is part monkey and has super human strength. In the first season, in one timeline we see Luther profess his love for his sister Allison (they’re adopted, it’s fine). However, the timeline changes and we see Luther remain single for the next season.

In real life, Tom has been happily married since 2014 to his wife Laura Higgins who is also an actress. They have two children together, a son and a daughter.

Justin H. Min

Relationship status: Unconfirmed

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Justin plays the deceased Hargreaves sibling Ben. Ben appears in the show as a ghost that only Klaus can see due to his ability to speak to the dead. In the show, Ben does not have a romantic relationship due to the obvious fact that he is dead. In real life, Justin is very private and has not shared any information about his love life on social media.

Emmy Raver-Lampman

Relationship status: In a relationship

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In the show, Emmy plays Allison who is able to influence people’s behaviours by whispering a certain phrase to them. From the first season we see how Allison and Luther have always had a thing for each other, however after the timeline changes, Allison never actually experienced Luther professing his love to her and is none the wiser to his feelings. In the second season we see Allison get married when she travelled back to 1960s, much to Luther’s dismay.

Unlike her character, Emmy is not married, although she has been with her partner Daveed Diggs, who also an actor, for five years after they met whilst performing in Hamilton together.

Kate Walsh

Relationship status: Divorced

the umbrella academy, netflix, love lives, relationships, dating

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Kate plays The Handler in The Umbrella Academy. The Handler’s love life is not discussed in the show but we do know she has an adopted daughter Lila who is on a mission to seduce Diego.

In real life, Kate married film producer Alex Young in 2007. In 2008, Young filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences but their divorce was not finalised until 2010. Since 2020, Kate has been in a relationship with Australian farmer Andrew Nixon who she lives with in Perth.

David Castañeda

Relationship status: Unconfirmed

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David who plays Diego ends up in a hospital in season two where he has been sectioned for talking about JFK’s assassination. It is here that he meets Lila who we later find out is actually the adopted daughter of The Handler who she has been working undercover for.

In real life, David is very private about his love life, sharing very little online but fans believe he might actually be dating his co-star Ritu Arya who plays Lila, his on screen love interest. However, neither David nor Ritu has confirmed this.

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