Kate and Edwina Sharma Bridgerton

A rundown of exactly how Kate and Edwina Sharma are connected and their family history

I can’t be the only one who was confused

Bridgerton season two dropped around a week ago and everyone seems to be obsessed with Kathony and forgetting the best relationship in the whole show: Kate and Edwina Sharma. They are the true love story of season two. But their relationship background is a little complicated and not that easy to follow. There’s a lot going on with them having just moved to London for the social season from India so here’s a brief breakdown of everything we know and their connection to Lady Mary Sheffield.

They moved to London from Bombay before the season

Lady Mary, the daughter of an Earl, moved to Bombay with her husband who then sadly passed. However now her daughters are at a marriageable age so she’s returned to London to stay with Lady Danbury. Mary’s marriage was scandalous because she married a working-class tradesman against her parents’ wishes hence why they left for Bombay as fast as possible without saying goodbye.

Kate and Edwina Sharma Bridgerton

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Kate isn’t Mary’s daughter

Mary and her husband were married for 25 years before his death and Kate Sharma is 26-years-old. She’s not biologically Mary’s daughter and her origins are a bit confusing. However Mary raised Kate as her own daughter – I honestly them with my whole heart.

So Kate and Edwina Sharma share the same dad but have different mums. Kate’s mum died when she was young and her dad remarried to Mary quickly after. During season two, Mary is grieving the loss of her husband which has left them with a financial strain. One of the reasons they moved to London was to secure their future.

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