Unpacking all of the rumours saying Carmie Sellito and Flossie Clegg are dating

If this is true then they could easily be the fittest couple on the internet

Fans of Carmie Sellito (aka Touchdalight on YouTube) and Flossie Clegg are currently losing their minds over the fact there could possibly be something going on between them. Rumours have been going around for a while but recently a few things have surfaced which make the whole situation pretty suss. Like Millie T posting a poll onto her main Instagram getting her followers to vote on whether they ship Carmie and Flossie together and a clip from a YouTube video a couple years ago when Flossie said she found Carmie attractive at the time. It’s all a bit chaotic but to be honest, if the rumours are true then they would very easily be the sexiest couple on the internet.

If you’re unsure why this is actually a very messy situation because you’ve either been living under a rock or you’re over the age of 24 then here’s a brief rundown of what’s gone on over the last few months:

Carmie recently broke up with his ex-girlfriend Kate Elisabeth

In this YouTube video Carmie uploaded recently, he says Kate actually broke things off with him for a reason he said was “unfair” but didn’t go into detail about what the reason was. He also says he blocked Kate on everything so he wouldn’t have to keep on seeing her content.

What makes the rumours about Carmie Sellito and Flossie Clegg a bit wild, though, is the fact Kate, Flossie and Olivia Neill all used to be quite good mates. And it was very much a fun vibe whenever they posted together. But fans have recently found a clip where Flossie calls Carmie hot in one of Kate’s old say it or shot it videos which you can watch below:

Carmie left a comment under Flossie’s video which has got fans questioning

via YouTube

In her most recent video called “An Honest Q&A”, Flossie speaks very candidly about her mental health over the last few months and fans believe she’s partially alluding to her rumoured fall out with Olivia Neill. One of the top comments on her video is from Carmie who says: “Anyone else just feel like they are best friends with Flossie just by watching her videos?” which obviously given Carmie’s brand, gives off a very sarcastic vibe but it’s still pretty suspicious given everything else happening. 

Olivia and Kate have become quite close in the last few months

As we know from the video above, Kate, Olivia and Flossie have all been mates for a long time. But since her breakup with Carmie, Kate and Olivia have become very close with one another. Whereas Flossie has seemingly found herself clicking more with Carmie and Millie T.

Millie T posted a story asking people to vote on whether they make a good couple

And then fans simply just lost their minds when Millie T posted the picture of Carmie and Flossie with a poll asking whether people ship them. Ummm, obviously we do?

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