So, there were a bunch of deleted sex scenes in Bridgerton which we didn’t get to see

The Duke was getting busy with ladies who weren’t Daphne!!!

So it turns out that there were a number of sex scenes in Bridgerton that got deleted from the show, and Netflix has kept them under wraps all this time.

In what can only be described as the most ultimate betrayal, the intimacy coordinator from the show has revealed there were more than 10 sex scenes which didn’t make it into season one. We’ve already established that the show contained a lot of sex, but yes, we potentially had even more coming our way. Speaking on Bridgerton: The Official Podcast earlier this month, Lizzy Talbot said: “I can think of potentially at least 10 [sex scenes] that didn’t make the final cut.”

What’s more, the scenes apparently featured the Duke with other women as well as our beloved Daphne!! It was said that this is where Simon got his “rake” reputation from, and may have been why Anthony was originally so against his sister’s courtship with the Duke.

One of these scenes was teased in the original trailer for the Netflix series. Go to 1:15 and weep, or here’s a cheeky screenshot:

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This isn’t Daphne?!!

In the podcast, Lizzy Talbot describes a further scene where the Duke went to the Dark Walk and meets prostitutes, before “sort of doing various things with them.” Another of the deleted Bridgerton sex scenes included the Duke having a threesome.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Talbot added: “There were a lot more characters that had a lot more to do that you didn’t actually get to see. I want to say nearly in the double digits. I will say this: There were more characters that had intimate scenes that you didn’t see.”

Dearest Reader, I am shook and Lady Whistledown will be hearing all about this.

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