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Quiz: What type of influencer would you be?

Look, I just want to be a cool Scandi fashion influencer

Influencers are all the same right? Tanned, toned and rolling in cash. And maybe all the ex-Islanders are, but there’s plenty of other influencers out there who want to sell you something other than a PrettyLittleThing two piece.

There’s the fitness influencers who are up at 6am working out before you’ve even had your morning coffee. The study influencers who show off their colour coded notes and recommend books you’ve never heard of. Activist influencers who get you signing petitions and buying your clothes in charity shops.

Of course there’s the Girl Boss influencers who have their own business and ghost written book by the age of 21. And the fashion influencers, who ex-islanders think they are, but these girls promote the real high fashion no one can afford.

But which of these influencers would you be? What would you be promoting with a #ad? Well it’s time to find out with our quiz. By answering 10 questions on your habits, you’ll find out if you’re more GymShark fitness influencer or Boohoo ex-Islander influencer.

Take this quiz to find out which type of influencer you would be:

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