Exclusive: People were stuck in a McDonald’s because of terrorising clowns outside

They were waving slowly to the customers inside


Members of the public feared to go outside yesterday after two clowns chased people in the street outside McDonald’s.

Ronan Pilkington wrote in a Facebook post that he was “trapped” in a McDonald’s near Blackburn, due to clowns “chasing people” and “causing havoc” outside. 

The Facebook post read: “Can’t believe we’ve just been trapped in McDonald’s because of two clowns chasing people around and causing havoc outside… I don’t think i’ll be able to eat a maccy’s again without shitting myself.”

The clowns were reportedly running around, pressing their faces against the windows and waving slowly to the customers inside.

Ronan told The Tab: “They were running around the entrance of McDonald’s, a girl was in tears, she couldn’t get out.

“They were pressing their faces against the windows waving slowly.

“They walked away a couple of times and came running straight back to the windows, but they didn’t come in as managers were stood there, then they started jumping about and just ran off.”

He continued: “They didn’t appear to be threatening, just intimidating and joking about.

“It was a bit scary, but they weren’t carrying any weapons or anything – but we were shocked.”

‘Killer clowns’ have been spotted nationwide this week, with one clown pranker even arrested for carrying a knife.