Nadzia Laskar
Weekend Editor of The Tab London

Hero UCL student gives out cookies in the library to celebrate finishing exams

She baked more than 300

Every person you will come across during your exam

Which one are you?

UCL third year becomes Facebook sensation

It all started on Valentine’s Day

UCL spent over £6 million on office supplies last year

There’s no such thing as too many pencils

A third year got stuck in the toilets for 40 minutes today

His tutor had to rescue him

Was UCL your first choice of university?

They’re all lying

These are all the people in your lectures

Shout out to the guy who is always late

Every excuse you’ll give your lecturer for missing your 9am this term

‘There was a cat in the tree’

When exactly can we get student discount at Nando’s?

They don’t do a free quarter chicken anymore

EFS and RAG announce Blind Dates 2016

Roses are red, violets are blue, EFS and RAG present Blind dates for you

UCL grad nominated for Oscar

He wrote ‘Bridge of Spies’

What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve done to procrastinate?

‘I left the country’

Third year goes to four balls in five days

She even got tickets for EFS

Fraud: Man searching for lost Tinder flame revealed to be pro-prankster

He even had a camera planted

Help this guy who interrupted lectures to find his lost flame on Tinder reunite with Miranda

Do you know who he is?

After shadowing the bouncers at Ministry of Sound, it’s time to realise they’re on our side

They’re the real heroes

S Club to headline Freshers’ Ball

There’s some Radio One blokes too

The freshers are coming: The best of the UCL offer holders Facebook groups

No wai im doing psychology too hi5 c u in sept xox

Deadlines, Distress and Defecation: Our experience at UCL Libraries after midnight

We’ve all been there

UCL ranked 75th in country… by UCL

It’s official, we hate ourselves