Henry C Taylor

Henry C Taylor
Southampton University


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Southampton children's cardiac ward to close

Government plans to close UK’s 2nd best children’s cardiac unit in favour of ‘postcode lottery’ system.

The SORRY STATE of science reporting on CNN

The appalling arrogance of CNN’s Nancy Grace and her mistrust of science

Did 'SUPERMOON' cause Japan quake? NO!

At the time of awful scenes witnessed in Japan, it seems that the Daily Mail’s disregard towards taste or respect knows no bounds…

Moazzam Begg's visit to Southampton University – Why John King was wrong.

Henry Taylor, Opinion Editor of the Soton Tab, replies to John King’s recent and controversial article on Moazzam Begg’s visit to Southampton University.

Are strippers the ultimate feminists?

In case you didn’t already know, the 8th March is International Women’s Day: the only designated day where society is encouraged to celebrate and appreciate women. The other 364 days? It’s optional, I guess…

Benjamin Brooks WITHDRAWS from SUSU elections!

In a shock move, Benjamin Brooks withdraws his nomination for VP Academic Affairs from the 2011 Sabbatical elections.

Packaging vs. Policy: Beauty in Politics.

First off, not having a vagina doesn’t mean you can’t be a feminist…

Are we HYPOCRITES when it comes to freedom of speech?

A new report says that extremist views should be allowed to be heard on campus, but does a resulting backlash highlight our own hypocrisy when it comes to freedom of speech?

Are students getting fleeced by letting agency fees?

Are ‘agency fees’ just a tactic for Letting Agencies to make a profit from penniless students?