Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has given the majority of his frontbench team roles to women

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After Labour MP Sadiq Khan’s appointment as Mayor of London, many in the capital hoped for measurable change.

He’s already innovating: this afternoon, the BBC reports that Khan has appointed women to the majority of the roles on his “frontbench advisory team”.

He has appointed Val Shawcross as deputy mayor overseeing transport, and Sophie Linden as deputy mayor overseeing policing. Fiona Twycross will be chairing the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. His deputy mayor is former London Assembly member Joanne McCartney.


Representing the boys is James Murray, who has been appointed deputy mayor for housing, and Lord Adonis, who worked under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, will be in charge of infrastructure. Nick Bowes is the new director of policy.

There are still some pending appointments but the frontbench is shaping up to be very balanced. Which shouldn’t even be particularly remarkable. Hopefully by the time his mayoralty is over it won’t be.