Anyone with anxiety should watch this psychedelic video

It’s about treating the disorder with ambient music

For people with anxiety, it’s often hard to find a treatment that works.

Cue an informative new video produced by Noisey, in which associate editor Ryan Bassil talks about his experience of how to treat panic attacks.

The trippy film is illustrated by artist Nathan Cowdry, and talks about the power of ambient music for people with anxiety.


A still from the video


Chloe Payne-Cook, who has previously written about anxiety, said: “I think music is extremely powerful, especially with regards to anxiety disorders (it can either exacerbate or diminish feelings of panic within me).

“Ambient music can definitely help to diminish feelings of anxiety, as highlighted by the man suffering in this video but I think different things work for different people, and its great he’s found what works for him

“The things he says about panic attacks definitely hit home with me, and resonate with me on a big scale. I think he’s really onto something when he talks about taking then time to breath and going on a walk – especially if you combine walking or exercise with the music you find relaxing.”

You can watch the video for yourself below.