Britain is going to be hotter than Barcelona and LA this weekend

Get your sunnies on

Despite the recent cold snap (remember when it hailed?), it seems the UK is set to be hotter than Spain this weekend.

According to the Met Office, London should reach balmy climes of 23°C on Saturday and 24°C on Sunday. For context, it’ll be 17°C in Lisbon, 18°C in Madrid and 19°C in Barcelona and Los Angeles. Take that.

Picture: Ellen Munro

Picture: Ellen Munro

The rest of the UK won’t fare badly either: Saturday will see highs of 22°C in Bristol and Nottingham, 21°C in Manchester and Leeds, and 20°C in Liverpool. Expect to start seeing the rise in temperature from tomorrow, though the warmest weather is (fortunately) saving itself for the weekend.

Unearth the Hawaiian shirts, dodgy sunglasses and rip-off Havaianas from the back of the wardrobe and send the “picnic/pub?” plan round the WhatsApp group: hot weather equals prime conditions for smug Snapchat stories all weekend long.