Prince Harry just made a joke about how he’d never be king

We all know what it’s like to be the less popular sibling

Prince Harry knows his place – specifically that his place will never be ‘on the throne’. He’s now fifth in line to the kingdom, and anyone who’s seen that bruiser Prince George will know that he’s here for the long haul.

But it’s OK, because like all second-tier siblings, Harry has developed his own bombastic, rambunctious personality.Harry is the party prince: he’s the ‘cheeky’ one. He knows that personality is way more fun than responsibility. He brings that personality to all of his engagements.

Today: filming at a primary for a Sky Sports programme, where he reportedly high-fived a schoolboy (see: cheeky) who asked him if he would ever be king.

That’s the question everybody wanted, let’s be honest!” Harry quipped, with the deft handling of someone who has taken three decades to reconcile himself to this. “You’ll be glad to know, probably not,” he continued.

The kids laughed, then appear a little dismayed – especially Tristan. “Oh look at the disappointment! I love that,” Harry continued, “I’m going to give you a high-five.” And then, he apparently did.

Tristan reckoned he’d “love” it if Harry were king. “I just want Prince Harry to do what he wants, so what he really, really wants. And yeah I think it’d be a fun experience for him to be king.” 

Probably not as fun as being Prince Harry, tbf. Who never has to be king.