I’ll stop wearing pink when they make a better colour


Pink – baby pink in particular – is nostalgic.

It’s the colour of a generation that grew up with Britney, The Powerpuff Girls, Barbie and Gwen Stefani. With The Spice Girls, Clueless and Legally Blonde. With Mean Girls, Groovy Chick, Courtney Love and Mary-Kate and Ashley. 

Way back it was the colour of passive femininity, but its 90s revival (and the one it’s making now) is the opposite. The all-pink aesthetic isn’t about girlish daintiness or passivity – it’s about playfulness, attitude and pure sass.

Here is our ode to baby pink:

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Photography: Anna Gallifent. 



Models: Sabreena Diamond at Lenis Models and Imogen Rohrs.

Styling: Daisy Bernard

Bumbag from Spiral UK.