Skream is riding around London DJing on the back of a rickshaw

His time is now


He pioneered dubstep in the early 2000s, but is Skream now trying to revolutionise the outdoor festival?

Probably not. But the DJ has been rolling around on a rickshaw doing a set in Central London this afternoon. Skream – real name Oliver Jones – uploaded a video of himself riding down Oxford Street blasting some tech-house. In the video, there seems to be a mix of genuine fans filming the makeshift set and bewildered shoppers wandering out of Topshop carrying several bags.

Let’s face it, if any DJ in the world was going to ride around in a RIckshaw on a mild Tuesday lunchtime, it was always going to be Skream.

At one point the dubstep legend leans in front of the camera and cries out “What the fuck am I doing?”. We have no idea. You wouldn’t catch Mala doing this.

Some people seem to know who he is in the clip. Others are just walking past wondering why a rickshaw is blasting something other than Queen, while hollering at you to get in and pay £40 for the privilege. Unfortunately, Skream wasn’t playing his biggest track Midnight Request Line.

Admittedly he’s reputed for being a bit different. It’s the coolest thing he’s done since he threw CDs into the crowd during a Boiler Room set at SXSW a few years ago, and he had to top that somehow.

At one point he appeared to stop just up the road from Matalan and pulled over for a mini set. People even started dancing in the street. Reactions varied from absolutely loving Skream’s rickshaw ride, all the way to trying to work out if the sync button on his mixer was switched on. You can have a look for yourself.

The stunt was arranged by Eastern Electrics Festival, which is going to feature Seth Troxler, Eats Everything and – obviously – Skream himself.