#BabesForTrump is the weirdest thing on the internet

And unfortunately Donald would absolutely love it

Obviously, Donald Trump and his supporters are weird. And the weirdness continues to get more warped. Latest news: there are dedicated Twitter and Instagram accounts, and a hashtag, for photos of attractive females wearing little and pledging support for Republican presidential hopeful.

The Twitter account claims it is “Making America Great Again, One Babe At A Time”. There is, unfortunately, no further detail about the babes’ strategy for making America great again, though providing detailed, well thought-out policies is not necessarily Trump’s style.


Are you sure its not affiliated?

The account is apparently run from BabeTown, USA. I’m not sure which state that’s in, but fear that Trump’s misogyny, tiny hands and terrible hair, are commanding a large portion of the votes there.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 08.33.53

They clearly aren’t worried about Trump’s many, many unpleasant observations about women.

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In a VICE interview, the four college students who launched it explained that they “were baffled to see that young college women were full on supporting Trump and weren’t afraid to show a little skin while they’re at it.” So they started Instagram and Twitter accounts and invited submissions.

“We hadn’t seen anything like it before, considering the supposed negative and derogatory rhetoric surrounding Donald Trump.”

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“No one has more respect for women than Donald Trump!” – Donald J. Trump, 2016.

Women who seek abortions should be subjected to, “some form of punishment.” – Donald J. Trump, 2016.

I am not the first to observe that is a contradiction. I have no issue with voters posting photos in support of their political convictions – I’m sure people have got their boobs out for Blair or their major out for Major in the past. But what troubles me is wondering how Trump would react to it. Something tells me he would absolutely love it.

The account explicitly states that it is not affiliated with @realDonaldTrump. He therefore hasn’t officially signed off on it. Well, not yet.