Girls with short hair have their shit together

Short hair don’t care

Mia Wallace, 90s Jennifer Aniston, Anna Wintour, Alexa Chung – girls with short hair know what they are doing. 

They’re low maintenance, they’re practical, they’re risk-takers and they look really good. They’ve entered a hallowed circle, found the secret recipe to the Krusty Krab burger, and chopped off any emotional baggage. Welcome to The Bob Side.

This is why it’s the best hairstyle to have.


I didn’t even brush my hair today

It’s low maintenance

Your alarm goes off; it’s 8 am. You wake up and haven’t been strangled by your hair overnight.  Even if it’s a little kinked, that’s a pretty good look for short hair.  You can be ready in less than 20 minutes. No lengthy brushing, straightening or curling is required: just pull a comb through it and you’re done. The short-haired girl is adaptable: she can rock the beach-y look even if it’s 10 degrees outside. We’re fine even if it rains – actually, it just gives us a cute little wave.

Because girls with short hair have more important stuff to do

It’s the most practical hairstyle to have. Less time grooming means more time spent on getting so much more important stuff done.

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Girly enuff?

It sends out a message

We’re fighting against the misconception that all girls needing long, mermaid hair to be considered “girly”. We can’t braid our hair like Kim K, but rocking the bob isn’t any less girly (if you want it to look that way). It’s about time conceptions changed – we’re leading that march.

It’s not for the faint hearted

Everything is on show. It’s for confident women who don’t need anything to hide behind.

Great women have short hair

Bold women deserve a bold haircut. Just look at Alexa Chung, Lena Dunham, Emma Watson, Beyonce or Mia Wallace.


We accessorise so much better

Huge earrings, over-sized chokers, red lipstick – we let whatever we’re wearing do the talking without all that hair getting in the way.

There is no such thing as bad hair days

There are so many things having short hair says about you. It means that you take care of yourself and value comfort. Another advantage is that you can literally roll out of bed and go out.

Short-haired babes don’t have bad hair days – they save beanies for when it’s actually cold outside.

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There’s something sexy and mysterious about it

It’s just really effortlessly attractive. Outfits look immediately better, and it subtly pulls attention towards your bare shoulders.

It’s in better condition

Our hair is thicker and healthier, and split ends just aren’t a thing. We don’t need to get trims every six weeks to “help it grow”. Styling it less makes it healthier, too.

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We pre-drink while you get ready

The short-haired girl doesn’t spend ages trying to calm the frizz. She doesn’t burn her hand with the curling iron. She has more time to socialise and down the tequila. Effortless. She’s probably faster than the boys.

We’re risk takers

We’re not scared to cut off ten inches of hair we’ve spent years growing – some of us even chop it off ourselves. We’re really not bothered, it’ll grow back. And isn’t that effortlessness the real signifier of the cool girl?