Watch Ben Affleck’s face crumple when he hears the bad reviews of Batman vs Superman

He looks haunted

A list actors are not a group who invoke a great deal of sympathy.

Nor should they. However, if you were to be charitable, you might concede that working on something so publicly – and risking failure, very publicly – must be quite hard. Not as hard as saving the world, or placating your acidic boss five days a week, but quite hard.

And Ben Affleck – poor Ben – really wants your compassion. The reviews of his latest film, Batman versus Superman, in which he plays Batman, have been unilaterally poor. The Times called it “an electric soup of CGI”, Forbes a “beautiful nightmare”. Its Rotten Tomatoes rating is currently at around 30 per cent.

I assume Affleck is in possession of both an internet connection and the faculty of literacy. He probably knows everyone is saying it’s shit. So it was possibly unnecessary for a journalist to confront him with the reality of the world’s scorn, during a video interview.

So perhaps we should be compassionate. On the other hand, his face during the interview is very funny. I think it might have meme potential. Watch it below:


Watch as his eyes flutter slowly in his weary face. Watch as his smile collapses, watch as he honestly looks close to tears. Watch as he fixes his eyes at the floor, and blinks deliberately. Watch as he sort of nods, like a very dopey, very docile drunk. Watch him steel himself as the camera zooms in, and he knows he’s going to have to say something.

And hear him deliver a curt, “I agree” and hope this is forgotten forever.