I can’t help it: I’m addicted to the Kardashian apps

I set alarms to wake me up during the night to gain maximum points

My name is Diyora, and I am a Kardashian-app-aholic.

I don’t even “Keep Up With the Kardashians” or know much about them in real life, but when all my friends started getting this app, I thought I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Before downloading it from the App Store, I laughed at their “addiction” and lack of self-control. However before I knew it, I was spending all day on my phone, tapping blue circles in order to gain xps and fake money.

I sold my soul in order to get K-stars

By watching promo videos, you could earn one K-star for each 30 second video – or even better, you could get two for downloading an App and playing around on it for a certain amount of time.

After doing this desperately for a couple of days, I could recite the Clash of Clans advert backwards and had to delete my photos because there wasn’t enough memory for all the pointless apps on my phone.

I started planning my days around the tasks in the game

Eight-hour tasks are bearable, because you can complete them throughout the course of the day. However when the 24-hour tasks started appearing, I genuinely set alarms to wake me up during the night so that I could gain maximum points in the game.

That’s when I knew that this addiction was unhealthy.

I once spent £29.99 on fake money


I still can’t believe that I gave into this scam

Although you can complete the game without making any in-app purchases, it is much quicker to finish some of the tasks with extra K-stars or money. I mean how are you going to make a quick 10K to buy a holiday home when you’re barely making in a grand in retail?

Moreover, travelling in this game is so expensive – especially when you can’t remember where anything is.

I’ve time travelled in order to gain more energy

In order to complete tasks, you need to use energy that automatically tops up +1 every five minutes. I felt like a genius when discovering this loophole in the game. You could change the time on your phone and you would have maximum energy once more.

I accidentally deleted the app and it was the worst day of my life

So I finally beat the game by reaching #1 on Social Media and I was happy, but shockingly there wasn’t a real sense of achievement.  One day, I was moving around the apps in my phone (and deleting the ones I had to download for extra K-stars) and I accidentally removed the Kardashian: Hollywood app.

I couldn’t believe what I’d done – not only did it wipe all my progress in the game but I also couldn’t boast to my friends that I’ve finished it anymore. All the hours spent on that game, for nothing.


I know all the random things that you can tap in the game to get extra points and money

Who knew that you could get a couple of dollars by tapping a fire hydrant?

I thought that I have grown and moved on from this addiction, but then the Kylie and Kendall app came out

It is essentially the same game but with improved graphics and the addition of selfie-mode. You can now break the internet by taking photos of your character with either Kendall or Kylie and decorating them with stickers.

Fortunately it has dawned on me that the game is probably not aimed at my age demographic and this has helped me to not give in to any temptations and make any in-app purchases.

However I still have the occasional dream where I hit loads of birds and trees and wait for cash to fall out.