The line-up for V Festival is actually really good this year

No, honestly

Sure, we think we’ve moved on from V Festival.

We’ve compartmentalised it: we’ve put it away in a shoebox with the pics we took with an ex-boyfriend at Reading and Leeds. We’re over it.

But look, we all make mistakes. We’ve all gone back to things we know we shouldn’t go back to. Maybe V-Fest in your mid-twenties is now one of those things. The time is right.

The line up this year honestly isn’t bad. In fact, it’s really good. While the only big name to be announced for Glastonbury is Coldplay, V Fest is full of absolute bangers.

I mean yeah, we can all be snooty about V Festival, but can you really say you wouldn’t pay £89 for a day ticket to watch Justin Bieber in a field in Essex? Imagine it: you, triumphantly bouncing up and down, What Do You Mean blaring, surrounded by 15-year-olds with bottles of piss. You don’t need to spend hundreds on paisley trousers and embroidered crop tops. You don’t need to get a six hour coach to Somerset. You don’t even need to bring your Hunters. It’s fucking V Fest, no one cares.

I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, we’d all like to see Bieber, but is that enough? Is it worth the pain of having to explain to your friends you’re attending V Fest this summer and you’re not even waiting for your AS results. But that’s not all V Festival has to offer.

Sure, you could pay nearly £300 for the experience of a forty minute walk from the Pyramid Stage to South Park, only to find that the people you’re camping with who aren’t even your mates have gone to Shangri La without you, and then talk about the “Glastonbury experience”.

Or you could sack off Bieber, and choose from a cornucopia of excellent acts, from Craig David (will he do his Bieber cover? Who knows?), to Lethal Bizzle (yeah, Fester Skank is still a good song, OK), maybe even Faithless. You’re like 30 minutes from London. Fuck it, why not go see Little Mix? Why not go see Soul II Soul? You know what, I would even go see James Morrison. I would even go see Travis. Why not?

Craig David has had his renaissance. Justin Bieber has had his. Now it’s time for V Festival to have its own. It even has a luxury “Pink Moon” camping section this year, and the website says it has “lovely loos”. That’s probably enough for me to be honest.

Tickets go on sale on Friday. I’m just saying, nobody would judge you for it.