Who would win in a fight: Donald Trump or Pope Francis?

We asked the public who they would bet on

This week Pope Francis threw out what is probably one of the most damning insults in Conservative America. He said Donald Trump was “not a Christian”. That could harm his vote in the Bible Belt.

Putting the quote in context, the Pope said Trump’s plan to build a wall to keep out Mexicans (basically his only policy), was not about building bridges and was therefore very un-Christian.” Trump fired back: “The Mexican government fed the Pope a tremendous amount of stuff about me: ‘Trump is not a good person.’”

Depending on your standpoint, it’s not a great idea to pick a fight with Pope Francis. He’s the head of the Catholic Church. God’s main representative. Millions of Catholics around the world and the Swiss Guard have his back.

In the other corner there’s Donald Trump, a billionaire going by his profile on Forbes. He’s has his own army of lawyers and a lot of American fans who are very, very angry. Trump might soon have the US army as his disposal too. We asked the people of London who they thought would win in a fight.

Gabriella, 21, student from Euston

“Donald Trump, easily. He’s gets so angry he goes purple in some of his speeches. He would beat Pope Francis in a fight.”

Damien, 23, a banker from Luxembourg

“It has to be Pope Francis – he has all the power from his religion. Donald Trump wouldn’t have a chance, he’s a liar.”

Adrian, 19, student from Elephant and Castle

“The Pope doesn’t seem like a fighter, and Trump is a lot younger. The Pope does have the Swiss Guard though, Donald Trump doesn’t have an army yet. I’d say the Pope would win.”

Mary, 22, a manager from Shoreditch

“I really hope it’s not Trump, he’s a bad person. I don’t agree with anything he says about immigration. I want to say Pope Francis would win.”

Katherine, 18, student from Bloomsbury

“One on one Trump would win. The Pope can’t fight, he isn’t allowed. He doesn’t have dirty morality, but Trump does.”

Francois, 25, unemployed from Paris

“Pope Francis is the master. As long as his religion didn’t stop him from fighting, he would win.”

Ciar, 20, student from Camden

“Pope Francis has the power of Jesus. God would smite Pope Francis down. Donald Trump wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Anna, 31, an artist from Brixton

(Didn’t want to be photographed saying the Pope wouldn’t win)

“I really want the say the Pope, but Donald Trump would win in a fight. Maybe they’d both claim they won and it would be a draw.  Catholics would side with the Pope and Trump’s fans would support him.”

Miles, 19, a student from Washington, D.C.

“Pope Francis grew up poor. He would have won in a street fight if it was a few years ago. But physically Trump is stronger so I’d go with him.”