Half-naked PETA campaigners have crashed London Fashion Week

They’re protesting against the use of fur in fashion


Three models wearing just pants and gas masks turned up at the opening of London Fashion Week this morning to protest for PETA. Their mission statement was that fur clothes and accessories are “cruel to animals – and toxic to humans”.

Invoking the charity’s iconic “we’d rather go naked than wear fur” slogan, the protesters made their statement in the car park on Brewer Street in Soho. Highlights from the opening day are J. JS Lee, Eudon Choi and Charlotte Olympia. The Alexander McQueen show will be on Sunday.

“I’d honestly rather bare skin than wear animal skin,”said Daryna Milgevska, 22, one of the protestors, explains. “With so many fashionable, edgy and warm options available today, there is no excuse for wearing bits and pieces of any animal’s fur.”

“I’m happy to be teaming up with PETA to remind everyone at London Fashion Week to choose designs that don’t bleed – or harm your health,” adds 25-year-old Anna Buraya said.


In a statement, PETA Associate Director Elisa Allen states: “There’s nothing fashionable about fur torn from the bodies of struggling animals and then laden with chemicals that are dangerous to people who wear it. PETA is urging kind people to choose fur-free clothing for the sake of their own health and animal welfare.”

PETA told us they are targeting “no brand in particular”.