More evidence that barristers are the hottest professionals in London

Look at those cheekbones

Legal insiders’ favourite blog Your Barrister Boyfriend has published its annual list of the hottest junior barristers. Predictably, it’s smoking; barristers are easily the people you want to shag most in London. They’re smarter than PRs, better-looking than consultants, and have bigger pay packets than the junior doctors (sore point).

When the first list came out in 2013, it was topped by Amal Clooney, who is now married to George Clooney. (“AND AN INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER,” yells everyone in self-righteous fury. Yes. Everyone knows; she’s also fit).

It was determined by nominations within the industry. Your Barrister Boyfriend says: “We received many more suggestions than we were able to offer a place, so rest assured this is the crème de la crème.”

This is the full list:

1. Harriet Ter-Berg

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.50.23

Photo: LinkedIn

YBB’s first thought was “who IS this goddess?” Obviously first place Harriet has got a first from Magdalen College Oxford and won an award for best performances in her Contract, Tort, Land and Trusts exams. Now she works in high-end commercial disputes.

The blog added: “For all the men licking their chops, don’t get excited – Harriet has a handsome, stylish, broad-shouldered solicitor bf. Did you really expect her to be single?”

1. Ed Granger


Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

They call him Ed “Power” Granger because of his “I’m so handsome I’m basically a cartoon” looks. A Cambridge man who specialises in commercial and contractual disputes, Ed can now add “hottest male barrister 2016” to his CV. This gets a bit explicit. YBB said:

“We’d quite like to see this “total smoking dishypants dreamboat superhunk” (in the words of one drooling fan) strip off his barristers gown to reveal his hopefully well-honed bod tightly sheathed in a skin-tight spandex jumpsuit in pink or perhaps lavender.”

2. Claudia Renton


Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

Claudia’s “beautiful aristocratic looks” and “beautiful un-aristocratic brain” are getting her a lot of praise. She also went to Oxford (got a first in History) and writes award-winning books about Victorian muses in her spare time. YBB said:

“We hear from a special source that Claudia is very nice, good fun and recently married. (And we appreciate her masterful eyeliner game.) We guess you can have it all.”

2. Chris de Beneducci

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.09.57

Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

He “looks like the All-American high school quarterback”, notes YBB. But instead the Magdalen, Oxford Classics graduate plays rugby, which is far more attractive. They added:

“We hear from a reliable source that he has a classic rugby player build but is very charming rather than oafish. Phew.”

3. Abimbola Johnson


Photo: Twitter

Criminal barrister Abimbola spends her working life sorting out problems with drugs and public disorder among the young and vulnerable, apparently. She went to Haberdashers and went to (you guessed it) Oxford. She could be making a fortune in any other kind of law, but instead she’s funded by legal aid and is making a difference. That’s hot.

3. Jamie Susskind


Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

Jamie Susskind is the “Octavius of his age” apparently. The nomination email described him as a “dark and hideously smooth” young man who has “achieved just about everything possible under the sun.”

He was ranked the top school-level debater in the world, got a first from Oxford and won a tonne of prizes too. Some are even saying he’s got potential to “be the next Prime Minister”.

4. Hannah Evans


Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

Meet Hannah in fourth place. This is what YBB had to say about the Oxford graduate who turned out for the legal aid cuts protest:

“How many of us could look quite so pretty, standing in the cold on a grey, dreary day, brows knitted, inveighing against injustice? Not all of us can pull off Suffragette chic, but as you can see below, it really suits Hannah.”

4. Ifeanyi Odogwu


Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

YBB gushes about Iffy’s height, his “muscular arms” and his “well-defined pecs”. They add:

“We like a man who takes the time to enhance his God-given looks, even if it does mean that you have to fight them for the moisturizer and perfume. (We’re not saying that Iffy is metrosexual, of course. But many of you are these days.) Also, he looks pretty cool in his wig, which is no mean feat.”

5. Lily Mottahedan


Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

Lily got more nominations than most of the other candidates, so the brave people behind the list really took note. They even claimed her chamber pics don’t actually do her justice.

She was born in the America, went to the French Lycee in London, and speaks fluent Persian and French. To top it off, she is a Cordon Bleu trained chef. Sadly she also has a husband, who is “apparently quite nice” according to YBB.

5. James Hughes


Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

“James Hughes nearly didn’t make the final cut because he looks so damn constipated in his chambers pic. Or maybe he has a bit of sex face here?” are the first lines on this 6ft3 personal injury barrister hunk.

He also speaks French and Spanish, and honed his craft as Bristol and Nottingham Universities.

Runner-up: Suzanne Staunton


Photo: Your Barrister Boyfriend

“Bubbly and sophisticated” Suzanne didn’t actually make the top 10, but YBB included the Employment and Discrimination law barrister as a runner-up anyway. She’s known for looking good in ski gear, having a model-like physique and being an all round “true hottie”.