Who are you going to pull at your office Christmas party?

‘Definitely someone from HR’

You’ve had too many glasses of rosé, Mary is crying in the toilets and your boss cannot sing to save their life. 

The only way to liven up your office Christmas party is by shagging someone inappropriate, so who are these City workers planning on pulling at their Christmas do?

David, 27, Finance Analyst


“There’s literally nobody the same age as me in the office.”

Helen, 38, Head of QA


“Definitely nobody from IT.”

Charlie and Harvey, 19, Revenue Executives


“Our Christmas party was last week. It was jokes. We weren’t on anyone but this bird was really after Charlie. If we had to pick a department it would be reception.”

Mohamed, 34, Tech support


“I’m married with four kids. But if not, definitely Marketing and PR. Definitely.”

Marcus, 22, Accounts


“I went for a HR girl. She was proper beautiful but she’s married. I was devastated.”

Barry, 23, Analyst


“Yeah, I was actually a very good boy at the Christmas party. But obviously I wanted the fittest girls deep down.”

Nick, 33, HR Manager


“If I were playing that game, it would absolutely be PR.”

Szabi, 29, Banker


“Our office is kind of small but oh well. Anyone from any department.”