How often do you change your bed sheets?

‘Maybe if I’m lucky once a month’

From fake tan to sweat and other bodily fluids, your bed sheets are put through a lot.

Masashi, 33, TV director

“I’m from Japan so I don’t really use a bed there, but I’m over here for work so about once a week.”

Jake, 21, Politics student

“I change my sheets once a week. I’m going to tell my mum that, she’ll be proud I still clean them even though I don’t live at home.”

Francesco, 24, works at a tech start-up

“Every two weeks. Always.”

Anne-Marie, 23, Broadcast Journalism student

“Roughly every three weeks, depending on activity. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.”

Kim, 19, waitress

“Once every week. My roommate is really strict with it.”

Monique, 23, bartender

“I always clean my sheets every week on a Sunday. I’m a clean freak.”

Tyler, 31, barber

“I’d say every two weeks.”

Lizzie, 22, flight attendant

“Maybe once a month, I’m only in a few nights a week.”

Terry, 36, floor layer

“Twice a week. I probably have OCD.”

Darren, 28, floor layer

“Once a month. I don’t do the washing though.”

Sam, 20, Engineering student

“Twice a week, my mum makes me.”

Craig, 19, Engineering student

“Maybe if I’m lucky once a month. No-one’s gonna come to my house now I’ve said that.”