How to cope with the grimiest room in your house

‘My carpets were vile – it looked like someone had been sick all over them’

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The new term ritual of arriving at your new house can be a gruesome experience, often faced with repulsive mould, suspicious carpet stains and unsettling cracks twisting their way across the walls.

We spoke to plucky residents across the country on how they transformed their unwelcoming lodgings into vibrant homes.

Roz Henderson, a third year Medic, was confronted with an appalling scene when she turned up to her house in Southampton.

Roz said: “I was faced with a challenge – the bed was in pieces stacked against the wall, the chest of drawers didn’t actually have drawers, the whole room was very dismal.

“Once I was able to put my twist on my room it felt much better – actually somewhere to call home.”


Roz decorated her room after she assembled the broken bed

Roz adds: “My go-to decoration is heaps of fun cushions and fairy lights plus photos and postcards I’ve collected from art galleries.”

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Roz said: “I also have a habit of collecting lots of little trinkets when I go on holiday which are now dotted around my room to remind me of travelling.”


Nicki Gwyer a second year from Liverpool transformed her soulless room on the renowned Smithdown Road, into an exotic and relaxing retreat.

Psychology student Nicki said: “I got quite a few bits from when I went travelling – the bedsheets were 2,000 rupees (a tenner) from a woman randomly selling bits and bobs on a beach in Sri Lanka.”

Nikki HomeSense

Nicki adds: “I have quite a few bits from the places I’ve been to make it more personal and my scratch map to keep with the world-y theme.”

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Nicki used items from her travels in Sri Lanka to personalise her room

Bethan Roberts, a Medic from Leeds, was eager to put her creative stamp on her dreary third year room.

Bethan said: “I wanted to make my room cosy and inspired by my travels, somewhere I could relax after uni with my housemates.”


Bethan adds: “My skeleton, Skelly, also proves to be a talking point with guests, so I’ve made sure he takes centre stage in my room.

“Skelly is my main man who helps me through exams and is a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.”

Bethan3Bethan said: “I originally had posters on my wall but I thought my Thailand wall hanging would be a great feature to brighten my room.”

The use of fairy lights, bunting and photos effectively draws attention away from unattractive wall marks.


Third year Cydney, from Liverpool, was sick of her damp and mouldy house the moment she stepped through the muggy threshold.

The English and Communications finalist said: “My living room was really boring so I went out and bought some orchids and fairy lights.

“My mum is an interior designer so gave me loads of cushions to brighten it up and make it more homely.”

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Cydney opted for personal touches to tasnform her hideous living room

Emily Brock, a Business Management finalist from Newcastle, was confronted with numerous issues when moving into her Geordie residence.

Emily said: “My carpets were absolutely vile… it looked like someone had been sick all over them and so I bought rugs to cover as much of the floor as I could.”

Emily HomeSense pic2

Emily distrusted the stains she encountered

The dubious carpet stains proved just the tip of the iceberg, as on closer inspection Emily was faced with a variety of issues.

Emily adds: “I went out and bought a big canvas to cover up some massive stains on my wall. As well as bringing up lots of pillows and cushions and ‘homely’ items as I could from home.

“Normally rooms looks so plain and boring when you first move on but after you add a few things in, they always look tonnes better.”

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The transformed Geordie suite

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