‘Friends Forever’ joined tampons let you share your period with a friend, apparently

Just you, your bestie, and Auntie Flo

A bizarre new “forever friends” conjoined tampon lets women share their period with their bestie. 

Creator Kat Thek made the product, which is literally two tampons linked by one string, because she “just knew there had to be a better way” to deal with her period.

Creator Kat also runs her own radio show in Brooklyn

The conjoined tampon lets you share up to eight hours of quality time with your bestie

Kat, who sold her unusual creation in a series of Manhattan pop-ups, won’t confirm whether she’s actually used the conjoined tampon hybrid herself.She said: “That’s literally between me and my bestie.

“The reception has been super-plus. The pop-ups have been flowing very nicely — the Friends Forever Tampons teal packaging works exceptionally well with the colour scheme at Tiffany’s.”

The distinctive blue packaging fit right in at Tiffany’s apparently

The tampon boasts it will help ‘let friendship flow’

The product’s website, with the tagline “let friendship flow!”, lists pop-up locations ranging bizarrely from Crocs, Chanel and Tiffany’s to Chipotle and the gift shop at the Museum of Modern Art.

The website doesn’t list pricing or offer delivery

The creator is also a fan of free bleeding

On her Instagram the creator posts Friends Forever Tampons in their creative packaging, as well as guerrilla marketing techniques bringing shared menstruation to the streets of New York. But, despite her new sanitary product, eccentric Kat says she hasn’t ruled out free bleeding either.

“I guess you could hold your best friend’s hand while you both free bleed, but that seems tricky for playing Uno and riding bicycles. It’d be great for rollerskating and hula hooping though, so maybe they’re onto something.”

Despite the massive media interest in her product, some have outed Kat and Friends Forever tampons as a marketing stunt. An article on Snopes called the whole thing a hoax, pointing out there were no happy selfies of conjoined female customers online so far. They also pointed out Friends Forever Tampons Kat’s previous invention was the similarly unlikely “cat hair pills” she claimed she had found at a frozen yoghurt shop in New York.

Her previous venture

But in spite of the criticism Kat remains cheerful. She said: “I love the reports that it’s a hoax, it’s very silly.

“And actually I also make CatHairPillsSport — a Cat Hair Pill carrying system for Cat Hair Pill enthusiasts living an active lifestyle.”