What Flora baked: Week three

Her ‘bread dress’ looked like the wicker man

Perthshire Princess Flora Shedden rolled through to week four of Bake Off with an impressive display on bread week.

It’s been a difficult week for the future St. Andrews fresher. Last week she revealed she used an aga, and found herself castigated on Twitter for being “too posh” for the competition.

Flora didn’t let that get to her as she cobbled up a rye bread in the signature challenge with a “bang on” blend of flours.

Things proved more difficult in the technical challenge, as the prospect of baking baguettes flummoxed competitors old and young.

Floz went for the strategy of pinching her bottom seam, which produced a “not bad” baguette that really could have done with more crisping.

Her “good slashes” earned her second place for that challenge, our favourite contestant meekly accepting the praise of future rap duo Paul and Mary.

In the final challenge, Flora had to create a 3D bread sculpture, and she went for an ambitious three-tiered skirt, featuring pesto-filled courgette baguettes.

As “dough-verload” swept round the tent, what she hoped had been a sassy little number ended up resembling the wicker man.


It got the approval of the judges though. Mary commended her for how delicate she had made the ‘Herb Couture’, and Paul said: “you’ve got this absolutely spot on”.

Her bold and courageous effort safely ensured her passage into the next round.

However, she was easily outshone by Paul’s three-dough lion, which was so realistic it was shot square in the face by a dentist before Mary could take a bite.

RIP Cecil


There was no star baker crown for the Scot, that honour went to everyone’s favourite boring uncle, the consistent Ian. Meanwhile, Dorret was sent packing. Flora’s journey continues for another week.

The new intake at St. Andrews are just begging to be in the same halls as her.