What Flora baked: Week two

She wore a lovely floral shirt

It’s been a week marred with controversy for fresher bake off contestant Flora Shedden.

As she tackled biscuits in the Bake Off tent she was hit with allegations she is a professional baker after it was revealed she ran a popular food blog.


Her Instagram,where she posts artsy shots of her gourmet creations, has nearly 2,000 followers.

Putting the scandal behind her, Flora had a middling performance on biscuit week. Her signature, a “very traditional” wedding biscotti she just “picked up” on her travels in her Italy was judged only “not very uniform” by judges Paul and Mary.

But they added she’d done “very well not to overpower the fennel” so it wasn’t all bad.

In the technical challenge 19-year-old Flora took on the tricky French Arlette biscuit.

She created some crispy Arlettes with a “lovely texture” and came an impressive second place.


For this week’s showstopper the bakers were tasked with creating an elaborate and functional box with biscuits inside.

Classic baker Flora cracked under the pressure of the challenge and her box, complete with fancy piping, and teabag shaped biscuits, collapsed as she presented it to a disappointed Paul Hollywood.

Mary Berry smiled with all her tiny little teeth and commiserated: “What an ambitious little box you’ve made.”

She had been trapped in a biscuit tea war with fellow baker Matt, as both shared the same original idea of creating a twee tea box. But the judges praised Flora’s piping and tea-flavour as a great bake, so fuck you Matt.

Despite her middling performance our gal Flora prevails for another week. In a sick twist of fate her Scottish rival, and bookies favourite Marie was callously cut from the competition for her boring classic bakes.

Bye Marie

Next week the bakers will be tackling bread week, as Flora lives to fight another day.