Weed doesn’t give you cancer or depression when you’re older

Researchers say it’s safe

Smoking weed as a teenager won’t give you cancer or depression when you’re older.

Researchers found your weed habit isn’t likely to contribute to future mental health issues.

They also found no link between smoking weed and anxiety, contradicting a study released last year which claimed the drug is preventing you from feeling happy.


Lead researcher Dr Jordan Bechtold, of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, said “‘What we found was a little surprising.

“There were no differences in any of the mental or physical health outcomes that we measured regardless of the amount or frequency of marijuana used during adolescence.”


The study tracked the 408 participants for over two decades, finding that users who started early in their teens went on to peak at an average of 200 days of weed consumption a year when they were 22-years-old.

David, third year Law, said the news wouldn’t affect him because he’d already quit the drug. He claims it “exacerbated his depression and anxiety.”

Joel, second year History, said: “No I don’t think [it affects me], mentally I’m a very sound person and I don’t really get fucked up by much”

With the House of Commons due to debate cannabis legalisation in September, this study adds to growing suggestions the drug is not as dangerous as has been suggested in the past.

Dr Bechtol remains sceptical. He added: “We wanted to help inform the debate about legalisation of marijuana, but it’s a very complicated issue and one study should not be taken in isolation.”

The researchers had intially expected to find a link between weed use in teenagers and the development of psychotic symptoms due to past studies.

Another study released last year by UEA professors found that weed may be the key to finding a cure for cancer.

Scientists have also claimed in the last year that NOS and ketamine could actively cure depression.