Dry shampoo could make you bald, warn hairdressers

‘Better start washing my hair then’


Greasy hair sufferers are at risk of developing a flaky scalp and going bald, say hairdressers.

A spray of the quick-fix product masks greasy locks, mattifies hair for a beachy-vibe and even hides unsightly roots.

Now hairdressers and trichologists warn regular use of dry shampoo may leave you with sores, a flaky scalp and even bald patches.

Overuse of dry shampoo comes at a cost

Celeb hairdresser, Lee Stafford told the Daily Mail: “Dry shampoo is phenomenally popular, but it’s not designed to be used on a regular basis.

“It contains an oil-absorbing substance to soak up the grease, but if it’s used constantly it’s going to dry out the hair and scalp and make it flaky.

If it’s left on the hair too long it can also clog up the pores, leading to spots and sore patches.”

those who rely on dry shampoo can develop flaky scalp and sores, warn hairdressers

Dry shampoo doesn’t actually clean hair, it leaves a substance on the scalp to absorb oil. Trichologist Iain Sallis said: “It coats the hair rather than making it clean, which means the microbes which feed on the moisture in the scalp will still be there.

“For people prone to dandruff or dermatitis, the scalp will become flaky to get rid of the irritation. And by nature, it’s a gritty product, which will cause friction on the skin.That can make the scalp sore over time, especially if it’s not washed out.”

Women are left shocked and concerned after discovering the grizzly truth about their hair savior.

Busy mother, Kerry Kilmster, told the Daily Mail of her horror experience with dry shampoo,

After using it daily, it didn’t take long for her to notice something was wrong: “After a few weeks, I noticed my scalp was getting itchy and sore. I started getting bad dandruff, and developed little sore patches on my head which would catch on my hairbrush and bleed.

“It was horrible, but I didn’t connect it to the dry shampoo. It was my hairdresser who told me I was using it too much.”

After going cold turkey on the product, Kerry’s soreness and flaking disappeared.

The go-to hair savior for most women

Hair loss is another consequence of regular use of dry shampoo, which left Kim Fryer with bald patches.

She told the Daily Mail: “Over time, I developed a red, scaly rash around my hairline. Then my mum spotted a bald patch at the back of my head, which horrified me. My hair started to feel dry and brittle.”

Celeb hairdresser and co-founder of London Salon Lockonego compares the over-use of a product to not washing off your makeup: “If you applied excessive amounts of makeup to your face without washing it off, your skin would become congested and irritated. It’s exactly the same for your scalp.”

With one in four women admitting to having a can on their dressing table, customers are concerned at the new discovery.

Dry shampoo fanatic, Laura Fitzpatrick, has re-considered her regular use of the product after hearing the news: “That’s insane, I better start washing my hair properly then!”

Second year Laura Fitzpatrick vows to stop relying on her Batiste

Some are familiar with the darker-side of the powdery product. Beth Shepherd, who says dry shampoo is her go-to hair fix, noticed some nasty side effects : “It really helps with refreshing my hair but I always find it makes the ends feel quite brittle and can cause split ends.”

Third year Imogen Gibbs experienced hair loss and scalp irritation from the product: “After about a few hours after applying my hair goes flat, my scalp feels dry, and my hair just looks and feels like straw.

Third year Imogen Gibbs noticed some nasty side effects

“I also notice my hair malts so much more when I use dry shampoo, makes me wish I wasn’t so lazy and just washed it instead.”

Third year Lisa Carr said: “I feel betrayed by my favorite product.

But although she’s noticed some side effects, it won’t stop her from using it: “My scalp definitely feels itchy if I do use it, but I won’t stop using it until the day I see someone go completely bald.”

Lisa Carr was shocked but will continue to use her quick-fix product

Sallis recommends using dry shampoo no more than once a week, to avoid hair loss and scalp irritation: “It won’t do you any harm if you use it occasionally, when you really don’t have time to wash your hair.”

“It’s fine as long as it’s ‘as well as’, not, ‘instead of’ proper washing.”

Looks like we’re going to have to start washing our hair more often.