Where were you during the 7/7 bombings?

‘I was just behind one which blew up’

7/7 London terror attacks terrorism the tube tube bombings

It’s a harrowing moment everyone remembers: the 7/7 bombings.

On July 7 2005, 52 people – plus the four suicide bombers – were killed after four bombs were detonated on the Tube and a bus during the morning rush hour.

Simon, 34, Accountant


“I was on the District or Circle line, just behind the one which blew up. I was studying for my ACA finals, and I was doing a mock exam that day. We were getting off the tube at King’s Cross and the alarms were going off, and I thought to myself ‘typical TFL’.”

Amelia, 22, Retail Manager


“I was in music class, and the teacher announced it – but I don’t remember it well as I was only 12.”

Assila, 20, Contemporary Dancer


“I was back in France at my mum’s house. People were really shocked.”

Hazel, 47, Job Centre


“I was at work, and someone had the radio on.”

Sam, 21, Retail Assistant


“I think I would have been at school… I do vaguely remember coming home and it being like something bad has happened.”

Nick, 41, Photographer


“It was just something I woke up to really. I remember taking my dog for a walk and my dad rang me for the first time in about six years, knowing full well I wasn’t anywhere near London.”

Laurenzo, 28, Commercial Director


“The day after I was heading to the Eurostar, which at the time was at Waterloo, to head to Spain via Paris. Everything was so trapped down.”

Lauren, 34, Artist


“I was on the bus, and all the traffic around me stopped. It was just gridlock. It was around Green Park, but I can’t remember where I was going.”

Connor, 19, Retailer


“I was at school, but I remember we were meant to go on a school trip but it was cancelled after the bombings.”

Keith, 33, Advertising


“I watched it in a bar at about 2am. It was really shocking, we sat there for four or five hours. Everyone kept the bar open for the people who were there and we sat there and watched it on the screen.”