These people are all fed up with drunk guys ruining their nights out

‘When guys have been drinking, they’re a lot more lecherous towards girls’

It’s a scene we’re all familiar with: you’re having a great night out with all your mates when some guy you don’t know staggers over blind drunk and starts to ruin everything. Whether it’s starting a fight or harassing one of the girls in your group, when this sweat-stained, staggering creature appears on the dancefloor you know it’s time to get out of the way.

Of course, it shouldn’t have to be like this. In an ideal world, that guy would never be that drunk and he’d never cause you and your friends any problems. Despite how obvious that is though, bad drunken behaviour like this doesn’t seem to be getting rarer.

So, to try and change this we decided to ask students in London to share what they think of guys who get too drunk on a night out. Hopefully their answers will make anyone reading this who thinks a night out is all about smashing pints and chasing girls to think twice before their next round of drinks.

Annie and Rebecca – PGCE




Annie: “I had a friend who got followed home once, she was walking down the road to a bus stop and a guy came up beside her and tried to touch her. Eventually he ripped her coat and she ran off. We think he was probably drunk.”

Rebecca: “Everyone is in a club to have a good time and everyone is of age so you should act like an adult and treat members of the same sex and members of the opposite sex with the same manner of respect you treat anybody.”

Kiki and Rece – Psychology PhD


Kiki: “When men are so drunk, girls feel like they can’t even do anything. You can’t really call an ambulance, you can’t call the police, what do you do? It’s a dangerous world for a girl in that scenario.”

Rece: “It really is quite creepy and lecherous. The way drunk guys can intimidate girls isn’t very cool, it’s the part I don’t like about drinking scenarios.”

Ashley, Hannah and Kelly – Arts and Drama


Ashley: “I’ve been groped before, and that’s happened on more than one occasion. I’ll have been walking through a crowd and I’ll get a hand on my bum or even have my boob grabbed. I just think that women are objectified in clubs and I think men go there thinking they are going to pull and that they have a right. Alcohol has a part to play in it but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse.”

Lauren Salsbury


“Some guys, not all of them, have a tendency to become quite obnoxious when they’ve been drinking and act like they’re entitled to touch you.”

Dani, Lady-Danielle and Shanaz Durrand


Shanaz: “I was in the club and this guy kept dancing next to me. I moved away but he kept following me, so I went to the toilet. Then he was outside the toilet. I had to call someone to actually get him to move because he would not leave me alone. I was 18 at the time and decided I was never going back to that club again.”

Cam, Tom, and Jeffrey – Ancient History, Archaeology and Physics


Cam: “When guys are in a group and have been drinking, they’re a lot more lecherous and rowdy towards girls.”

Jeffrey: “Women should be treated with respect and dignity, the way anyone else is, the way you would treat your friends. It shouldn’t differ from how you treat another bloke in the club.”

Jacob – Law graduate


“It’s more people’s attitudes towards drinking. When they’re in a club where it’s dark, guys think they can get away with things they wouldn’t normally do and they see it as more acceptable. They think what they’re doing just doesn’t matter.”

Ursula and Cheada – Student Union staff


Ursula: “We were at a club one night and there were so many more guys than girls and we found ourselves mobbed in a circle. Then my friend was dragged off to the side of the club by this guy. We tried to pull him off her but couldn’t really do anything. We think it was because he was quite drunk and didn’t realise she wanted to be left alone. If he had been sober, everything would have been alright.”