We tried to do the Kylie Jenner lips challenge and it was awful

Everything hurts


The internet has come up with a solution for everyone who wants huge lips, Kylie Jenner style, but doesn’t have the money for fillers, or the sense to just overuse lip liner. And that solution is the Kylie Jenner Lip Challange.

It’s as cringe as the tail end of NekNominate and the Ice Bucket Challenge, but a lot more painful – and with more dribbling.

Essentially, it involves holding a shot glass over your mouth and sucking for a long time (some go for as long as fifteen minutes) to swell your lips.

We tried to get involved and the results weren’t pretty.

Predictably, your lips are bigger, but they’re also bruised, covered in spit, and the red rim of the shot glass is embedded in your face, so you’ve essentially just given yourself a face hickey.

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