One in five young people are problem boozers, says new survey

Is one of them you?


You’d think a cold one after lectures is a great way to chill out — but it could be more harmful than you think.

Now researchers say one in five young people believe they are problem drinkers.

And over half of us think it acceptable to regularly get drunk on a night out, according to a new survey.

Does he look like he has a problem?

There is no suggestion the people in this photo are problem drinkers

While only 18 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds admit to not remembering how they got home after a night out, this survey must have asked a lot of tame people.

One in 20 also admitted driving themselves home drunk and one in 10 said they have got in a car with someone who they knew was intoxicated.

Addaction spokesperson Alistair Bohm, said: “Problems with alcohol use can affect people of any age, from any background.

“As these statistics show, it’s not just people who are addicted to alcohol who are damaging their health or risking their safety as a result of drinking.

“If a person is worried about their drinking, the best thing to do is speak to their doctor, or find their nearest addiction services.”