Here’s how to cook each delicious mutt in the Crufts Dog Show 2015

Look at these scrummy pups

Crufts Dog Show 2015 is underway in Birmingham — pitting hounds against each other for the coveted prizes of agility, obedience and best in show. 

The 124-year-old contest is the highlight of the dog show calendar, uniting pooch lovers around the world for four days of international canine championship.

Each dog in the pre-match photo call looks loveable, playful and well-kempt. But how would you cook them? Here is our guide to delicious dog recipes.


Pluck, baste with oil and rosemary and cook for 180C at 15 mins a pound. Serve with buttery mash.


Dry-rub with chilli and cayenne paper then flash-fry in a hot pan, turning every ten seconds. Leave to stand at room temperature before eating with relish.


Rub with five-spice, roast until the skin is crispy, then pull apart with forks. Serve on flour pancakes with cucumber, spring onion and a generous dollop of hoisin sauce.


Chuck into a pot of boiling water and put the lid back on. Ignore the sounds of screaming, that’s just the sound of air escaping. Serve with marinière sauce and a crisp white wine.


Drizzle with lemon, parsley and salt. Wrap in foil and grill on barbecue.


Boil in salted water until soft, then glaze with mustard and spike with cloves. Roast until the meat falls off the joint.


The secret to a great Sunday roast is stuffing and a good gravy made out of the juices. Try boiling down the bones after to make a great stock.


Cut into little rings and deep fry in light batter for a delightful side dish. A pinch of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime will really make the flavours dance.


Dessert: whisk up with vanilla sugar, rose water and milk. Bake on a high heat on greaseproof paper. You know it’s done when you can plunge a knife in and out without any residue sticking. Cover with icing and serve with glacé cherries.