Want to study or work abroad? Here’s a really easy way to do it

China, India and Thailand are ready and waiting for you

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If you like the idea of spending time either studying or working abroad, you really need to consider casting an eye towards Asia: everybody else is.

China, India, and Thailand are fast becoming the hottest destinations for travel-loving students looking to experience something different. And British Council can get you to all three of them.

British Council’s Study Work Create programme gives ambitious, entrepreneurial young people who are eager to learn more about the world the chance to do exactly that, from the fast-growing economy of China to the rich cultural history of India.


China is fast becoming one of the most influential countries both economically and politically, so an academic scholarship here is a perfect opportunity to reap the benefits of Chinese university teaching.

Generation UK-China scholarships cover tuition fees, your accommodation, medical insurance as well as a monthly salary to live off.

British Council also offer internship placements to China, allowing you to gain two months experience in one of a wide range of industries.

The applications period for scholarships ends April 2015. Internship placement applications can be submitted at any time.


Generation UK-India offers study, work and teaching opportunities in one of the most beautiful, diverse countries on earth. As well as having a rich history, India is fast becoming one of the most powerful in the global economy, particularly in IT, textiles, pharmaceuticals and the creative industries.

Whether you want to learn and share new skills in your chosen sector, gain experience of an Indian workplace or academic institution or become an integral part of an Indian school the Generation UK-India programme has the opportunities for you.

Accommodation and a contribution towards the cost of food and transport in India will be covered and the British Council will support you before, during and after placements with guidance, training and a welfare support team.

Applications open in January for placements starting from July 2015.


British Council’s Thailand English Teaching programme gives you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture, teaching at a local school and and becoming an integral part of the local community.

As well as getting to visit the country’s amazing temples and beaches, you’ll get to see a side of the country tourists rarely benefit from experiencing. Trust us, you won’t want to come home.

Placements are available on either a short-term or long-term basis. Short-term placements run for nine weeks from June until August. Long-term placements are either from June-September or November-February.

As well as receiving training before you go, you’ll have accommodation provided and receive a monthly allowance. You’ll also receive a free lunch on school days.

Applications for this programme MUST be submitted by 18 January, so you haven’t got long. Best hurry!

Keep an eye out for further information on a live Q&A session hosted by British Council in early February.

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