Ciggies and siggies: A fashion shoot

It’s obnoxious


We found some people annoying enough to wear signet rings and smoke and then we took photos of them doing it.

Brad, Exeter

“I wish you’d caught me on a Sunday, I wear my bigger signet ring to church.”

Jack, Downing College, Cambridge

“Marlboros are red, camels are blue.

“Siggies are gold and too good for you.”

Charles, Durham

“We took these in my back yard. Our neighbour gave us a dirty look but I told him it was ironic.”

Harry, Pembroke College, Cambridge

“The cigarettes my uncle sends to me aren’t made in a factory, they’re rolled on the thighs of Ceylonese virgins.

“Smoking five at once is the only way to reach flavour country, by first class ticket.”

Charlie, Durham

“I don’t always smoke.

“But I do always wear my siggie ring.”

Matt, Exeter

“Quand j’étais plus jeune, j’ai pensé que je ne voulais pas fumer.

“Je n’ai choisie pas la vie chevalière.

“La vie chevalière m’a choisi elle-meme”

Tom, Nottingham

“When Pops lost my savings on the races, I made him give me his jewels.

“All the chaps at Bancroft’s prep were very jealous.

“My siggie is just one of the many things they put me in a bin for.”

Do you hold your cigarettes and wear your siggie with more poise and pride than this lot? Send us your pics – email [email protected]k