Our uni’s safer than your uni: How likely are you to be the victim of a crime at YOUR uni?

London is the most dangerous city for students, but you’re more likely to be burgled in Manchester

London is the most dangerous city for students, according to new data from Police UK.

The crime mapping service reveals statistics for burglary, robbery and violent crime and the results may make you consider whether leaving your room door open is a wise decision.

As unexpected as Luis Suarez nibbling on your shoulder, Manchester, Hull and Leeds are the three worst places for our readers outside of London.

The worst and the best…

If your uni doesn’t appear in the top half of this table, then have a glass of Pimms and openly flaunt your wealth: you’re safe.

However, if you decided to study in the Capital or the North, then this is rather unfortunate news – maybe some pepper spray and an additional house alarm will serve you better.


London unis dominate the top half of the table, with King’s leading with a whopping 3.7%.

Yamir Ash, a second year History student at King’s, said: “I’ve known a few people and stories of fellow students falling victim to mugging or violent crime, but none of it near campus!

“When I saw those stats, I thought they were BS to be honest, Strand campus is in a very central and safe area.

“Any crime I’ve heard of has happened in the dodgier parts of town where housing can be afforded by students.”

UCL come a close second to their rivals. There’s a 3.5% likelihood of being the victim of a crime around Gower Street.

Sophie Maher, a fourth year English student at UCL, disputed the figures. She said: “Despite those figures, I can’t say I’ve ever felt at risk.

“At least we’re safer than King’s.”

It’s not much better out west – Imperial take the bronze with 3.2%.

Jack Hewitt, a fourth year Biochemist there, said “I found it surprising to say the least, but theft is definitely a problem both around uni and the wider area.

“We all know if you don’t lock your bike up properly it’ll get nicked.

“As far as violent crime goes, I’ve been mugged outside uni. It’s shit but you move on.”

Down the bottom of the table are Bath, Durham and Aberystwyth, all with around a 1% likelihood.

Tony Hufnagel-Amthor, a first year Politics and History student at Aberystwyth said “The stats don’t surprise me.

“I have never been in a situation where I felt uncomfortable or threatened in any way.”

Bath fresher Sam Leveridge said “I’m not too surprised by that to be honest. It’s a really safe campus and the city isn’t quite like London or Manchester.

“As a student I’ve never really felt unsafe either on campus or in town. Crime hasn’t really crossed my mind at all since I’ve been there.

“Those figures make the whole uni experience a bit less overwhelming and mean we can be a lot more relaxed and enjoy the city and nightlife more.”

Vincent Lim, a second-year English student at Durham, was more cynical about the statistics. He said “The stats just confirm how at ease I and many others already feel in Durham.

“Having said that, low crime rates don’t necessarily mean students are safe, as we’ve tragically witnessed this year.”



There may be a lot of debate about whether ‘Manch’ is England’s second city. But there’s absolutely no disputing its title as student burglary capital of Britain.

Daisy Bernard, a second-year History of Art student at Manchester, said: “We’ve been burgled three times in one year in the same house. Two of the times we were all home!

“We literally can’t have a downstairs window open while we’re in the house.

“I feel like I have to hide all my valuables every time I left the room, even if I’m just going out for ten minutes.

Being in the house alone is always a bit scary. On two of the times we were burgled, we were asleep and they broke in with a crow bar.”

Hull may be the European capital of culture in three years, but in 2014 they’re hot on Manchester’s tails, with a 1.2% chance of being burgled.

Charlie Prothero, a first-year Philosophy and Politics student at Hull said “To see us that high in the table for burglary surprises me.

“I’ve not been burgled in my time here and don’t know anyone who has.

“It’s worrying to see the probability of happening is that high.”

Also helping perpetuate the stereotype that the north is full of criminals is Leeds – they come third in our table.

Rebecca Shapiro, a third-year Politics student at Leeds said “I’m completely unsurprised by that ranking – everyone knows someone who has been burgled. especially in Hyde Park, where everyone lives.

“My friend was home alone and got burgled and another got burgled twice in the same year – they took pretty much everything that was valuable.

“Locking doors seems to make little difference. Everyone is wary of cab companies and empty houses when going on a night out (so we make sure to say when in cab something like ‘so sad Roberta couldn’t come out due to coursework’).

“Out of sheer luck I wasn’t burgled at all in my three years at uni. I genuinely expected to be so had mentally prepared for it!”

Along with Durham and Aberystwyth at the foot of the table is Plymouth, with a measly 0.4%.

Anneliese Solano, a third-year English student at Plymouth said “There are no nice houses to rob anyway. The criminals probably just go over to Torquay or Exeter instead.”


Robbery is threat of force is used to commit a crime – think Bonnie and Clyde rather than Burglar Bill.


It’s the London contingent that dominate the top half of the table again. Birmingham’s unis rank highly as well, with Aston in 4th and UoB in 6th. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering the armed robbery on Tiverton Road we reported earlier this year.

Royal Holloway rank particularly lowly – which is surprising considering its proximity to the mean streets of Staines.

Violent crime


Again it’s the London unis who maintain their tight grip on the top three spots. Plymouth find themselves in 4th with 1.6%.

James Bedwell, a second-year Mechanical Engineering student at Plymouth, said: “These stats are hardly surprising considering there’s a police car outside Cuba EVERY Saturday.

“I’ve also seen quite a few fights down that road as well.”