Evergrad: The Tinder of graduate recruitment

Match with potential employers to land a dream job at a smaller business

A new site matches students and graduates with their perfect job at smaller businesses  – and it’s just like Tinder.


Imagine if all that time you wasted on the swiping love app was spent on finding yourself a grad job. Evergrad, a new student job site, only sets you up with employers when you’ve both liked each other.

They connect you exclusively with small and medium enterprises where you’ll be appreciated on a personal and professional level.


Whether you’re looking for a grad job, internship, work experience, or part-time job, Evergrad will help you find and be found by employers.

Once you’ve quickly and easily signed up using your social media account, you can create a beefed up Tinder-esque profile to showcase your best (non-fleshy) assets.

Unlike Tinder you’ll get more than just five pictures to showcase your wares – you can even grab the attention of employers on Evergrad by uploading a video CV.


And it won’t just be you doing all the leg work – employers will try and win you over with behind the scenes videos of daily life at the company too. There is an emphasis on really getting to intimately know the people you work with before you even go for an interview. See employer videos and thumb through pictures so you can see the talent you’ll be working with.

You can then search for your favourite employers, and wait to see if they like you back. Once there’s a match, it’s time to get to it.


Evergrad only matches ambitious graduates with high growth companies – so you won’t find the big dog grad schemes on the site with their drawn out process and impersonal recruitment patter.

They understand that bagging a place on a scheme is tough, with seventy three job seekers applying for just one place on a grad scheme. Big grad schemes aren’t right for everyone – 72% of graduates thought they would actually stand out better if they were working in a small business.

So like a match made in heaven your career will flourish in an smaller business where you can grow and be part of something exciting.


Signing up is to the site is easy – once you’ve logged in with your social media profile, the match-making can begin.


And if you’re looking to make some quick cash, the Evergrad referral scheme allows you to earn money and get your friends employed at the same time. You become the recruiter – it’s an easy win-win.

So you might not have found love on Tinder this year, but there’s still time to find your perfect match on Evergrad and spark a lasting connection with an exciting small business.


Ready to let Evergrad be your match-maker? Sign up here.