The big Tab quiz of the year

Do you know your Coolios from your Tim Westwoods? Your naked calendars from your naked selfies?

Are you fluent in the language of unay? Or were you stuck in the library too much last term?

Click on the box below to take the big Tab quiz of the year – our round-up of the biggest stories from campuses across the country in 2013.

Click here to take the big Tab quiz of the year


If you’re battling through an epic Christmas hangover, don’t worry. This isn’t Eggheads. Probably more like Celebrity Juice if anything.

How did you score?

80-100% – True Tab Reader

You speak Tab like a second language. You’re so up on your campus gossip, you’re probably on Elina Desaine’s list.

60-79% – Semi-committed 

You know some unis probably banned Blurred Lines, but you really cannot be bothered to find out which ones. Fair play to be honest.

40-59% – Inbetweener

Unay is passing you by, but you’re occasionally caught in the crossfire. Get out more.

0-39% – Nerd

How did you even end up on this website?