How to have an edgy Christmas

Christmas was so last year, time to spice things up a little…

Christmas is fucking boring. No raves, too much non sustainably sourced wrapping paper, and way too much joy.

If being normal isn’t for you, say bollocks to festive tradition, and have an edgy Christmas.

Celebrate it on St. Nicholas’ Day

While everyone’s stuck in lectures and cramming for deadlines, you spent the 6th December the European way, giving gifts and handing out saint shaped gingerbread.


Tinsel Scrunchie

Decorating a tree with tinsel is far too mainstream. Take 6 inches of tinsel, staple it into a circle and tie up that unwashed hair of yours.

photo 1

If you’re a guy, use it to hold up your top knot/man bun.

photo 3

Alternative Xmas songs

Nat King Cole?! Farck off it’s all about Günther and the Sunshine Girl’s Christmast Song. Alternatively (because you don’t do the norm) check out Run D.M.C’s Christmas In Hollis.

Place your idol’s face on top of a tree

Chopping down trees kills the planet, so grow your own Bonzai. And while you’re at it, top it off with everyone’s favourite edgy idol Seth Troxler.


Oh, and decorate it with something different for a change…


Christmas Pudding Snuff

For that extra buzz that a brandy soaked flameball just doesn’t give you, stick this up your nose. Snuff said.

Have a white Christmas 

Encountering your aunt telling you how tall you’ve got, asking what they’ve been feeding you at uni, etc. Gawd, so drab. There is only one solution.


Get Boddika to number 1

You don’t normally buy music. You don’t even use iTunes (you’re more of a Beatport user).

But for the sake of this dj who played a house party for your mate in North London once and shared some MD with you, you want this guy at Christmas number 1.


Go out on Christmas Day 

The nice list is too mainstream anyway.

church xmas

A Finnish Christmas film

Love Actually? Pssh. Miracle of 34th Street? Fuck that old man. Elf? Will Ferrell shouting at things isn’t funny. How about Scandinavia?

Gluten free / veggie dinner

The tradition of turkey is so passé, especially if it’s not organic or bought from a high end butcher from the same price as a kilo of crack. Pop down to your local health food store for the finest in gluten free, vegan, low calorie, non g.m nut roast.

And no dairy please.

Tasty food is too mainstream...

Tasty food is too conventional…

Get festive with your food blog

Branch out from the orthodox and boring. Fuck up the English language while you’re there.


Mi(n)ce Pies

Jesus Snapbacks

While the rest of your friends and family wear those typically uncool paper hats from the crackers, rock your best Jesus snapback. For today, a king was born.

It is his birthday. It's only polite...

It is his birthday. It’s only polite…

Avoid Christmas jumpers

Everyone’s wearing the itchy festive numbers now. You were rocking them five years ago. Take things further this year.


Play Go instead of Monopoly 

Monopoly is so conformist. We need something minimalist and soothing. Try out ancient Chinese board game Go, a Christmas day favourite of Howard Marks and Einstein.



Boxing Day rave

Eating is cheating and you don’t do leftovers. Plus who wants to hang out with their family.