Third of visits to youth websites on mobile devices

Study reveals that 31% of visits to youth and young adult websites come from tablets and mobile phones

New figures released today by youth entertainment and lifestyle sales house w00t! Media have revealed some interesting trends in the way that young people interact with websites.

w00t! Media measured over two billion visits to entertainment and lifestyle websites aimed at the youth and young adult markets (defined as 16-34 year olds) between January 2012 and June 2013 to see which devices were being used to access the content.

Tablets accounted for almost one in every eight visits (12%) in the first half of 2013, with mobile phones representing the remaining 19%.

The study also revealed how dominant tech giants Apple are within the youth sector. 91% of tablet visits were on an iPad, and 70% of smartphone visits were on an iPhone.


New figures reveal Apple’s dominance in the youth market

These findings will be of interest to the many groups looking to advertise to the youth market.

Dan McDevitt, joint Managing Director of w00t! Media says: “Both publishers and advertisers need to stay relevant to their audiences but this is crucial to those targeting Generation Y. The IAB [Internet Advertising Bureau, the body that does research into online marketing and advertising trends] recently showed that 11% of the UK’s 100 biggest advertisers use responsive design – sites that automatically display content in the most appropriate way for whichever device a consumer is using. When targeting youth audiences around entertainment & lifestyle content, adoption levels simply can’t be that low, or all parties run the risk of becoming quickly out-of-date.”