Ten Entirely Productive Things to Do This Summer

Stuck at home with the parents and struggling for something to do? Well here’s a load of totally worthwhile things to do.

Summer is upon us (amazingly, it’s actually sunny this time) and after the stress of exams and the drunken haze of post-exams celebrations it’s time for a well-earned break. However, difficult though it is to believe, the human brain can only take so much Jeremy Kyle so here are some other completely worthwhile ways to spend the summer months.

Get into Tumblr



After all who doesn’t want to wallow in gifs and artsy black-and-white quotes lamenting the fact that your ex-boyfriend and/or girlfriend and/or lesbian life-partner never loved you and in fact doesn’t care?

Open this website

Over and over and over and over (you can blame The Tab for bringing this little beauty into your lives).

Go to loads of festivals


If Parklife and Beach Break weren’t enough for you, there’s a whole host of festivals you could theoretically spend the entire summer attending. All right, Glastonbury’s gone, but you could be fancy dressing it up at Bestival or reliving your sixth form days at Reading or Leeds. It’s the perfect way to blow any remains of a student loan.

Relive your childhood


Build a tree house and create an epic game of hopscotch with pavement chalks before taking a break to down a Capri-Sun and munch away on some Dairylea Dunkers or Cheesestrings. It might not get you anywhere in life but if summer isn’t the time for nostalgia then when is?

Take the SunnyD challenge


I.e. try and drink enough of the stuff to change the colour of your skin (they claim to have changed the formula but, hey, might still be worth a shot).

Go on a Lads/Ladettes holiday and embark on a beautiful holiday romance


Because this fling with Enrique/Julio/Giovanna/Pierre/Consuela (delete as applicable) is bound to continue on your return to the practically tropical conditions in Britain.

Burn every revision note you’ve ever made

You may shoot yourself in the foot with this one if you end up having to re-sit every exam, but it feels so good.

Get addicted to every single reality show….and then try and get your own commissioned


Because most of the people on these shows don’t seem to have jobs either so you must be an ideal candidate…right?

Make your own Olympics


The games pretty much ruled summer 2012 and brought the country together so maybe it’s time to make it an annual event. Hula hooping, egg and spoon races and the classic drunkenly-spin-around-a-stick-and-then-try-and-walk-in-a-straight line à la You’ve Been Framed are renowned for showing off your sporting prowess.

Invent a new drinking game for next term


Because Freshers’ Week wouldn’t be Freshers’ Week if you actually remembered any of it.


Or you could do something useful like get a job or learn a new language. But where’s the fun in that?