BNOC Of The Year: The Finalists

There can only be one. One man will take it all.


The four groups have amassed just under 2000 votes for your BNOC Of The Year. Some are clear winners and others have scraped through but here are your four finalists to vote for!

Group One: Miles Freeman

Pardy hardy

155 votes flocked in for Miles and he pipped Max Elton to the first spot in the final by a 3% share of votes.

Group Two: Toby Gebbie

Casanova proved popular for 124 people in Group Two. Kudos to his campaign staff who stirred a social media and radio uprising for these votes.

Group Three: Jack “The Masher” Goulston

With 138 votes, second only to Miles Freeman, The Masher could go all the way and take more than a 2:2 away from his University career.

Group Four: Luc Racaut

This cheeky lecturer took the biscuit in the final group. 31% of votes went to Mr. Racaut and it would be incredible if the wildcard entry won this competition.


The results will be announced on 11th June so get voting!