BNOC of the Year: Group Three

More people to judge from your sofa.

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Apologies for the delay, but we’re here and proud to present the next batch of rather important individuals.

Christian Gray

He’s a firestarter, terrific firestarter. He’s so good he went and set fire to Ricky Road back in November. Pretty cool. He also worked at Hollister which is totally rad and has “that name” which all the ladies will recognise. You might also remember him from a certain Unay Confession as he did fun things with a tampon.

When asked how he rated his chances of winning he said: “I’ll absolutely annihilate this competition for BNOC of the year, who even are they? #notringinganybells #50Sshades” and “I know justice will be served and I will be awarded what I deserve.”

Jack “The Masher” Goulston

How can someone be this Unay?!

Where do we start with this man of legend? Aged 10, he boozed so hard he and his friend invited the 8 year old neighbour round, shut him in a chicken pen and when he tried to call the police they shot his phone screen so it cracked. Beginnings of a serial killer?

Having recently bought a trampoline and a snake called Malcolm with his housemates, this man truly is living his final year to his full potential and fair play to him, if you’ve got a problem he’ll tell you to sue him.

Expect to find him at: Cosy Joe’s or driving Dave Mifsud’s car.

Catchphrase: “I had a couple.”

Favourite song: Glad All Over by The Dave Clark Five.

Football team: “I support Spurs but I have a place in my heart for Palace. I hate everyone else, especially Brighton.”

Matt Nettlefold

It’s him! We’ve all seen this guy around campus and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying it is because of his different dress sense and rather long hair. Fair play to him for rejecting all that is Air Max and normal clothes that beer guys wear, it’s not often you see anomalies straying from those two polar opposites.

Jack Ord

@ordalicious is seen here chilling out, enjoying the sun in some casual but nonetheless chic garms. Time in Uganda, Law Rugby impresario, Geographer extraordinaire and big old deal for CCTV, what more do you want people? Are you not entertained?!

Tom Pounsford

If you like WHQ, then you love this guy. He saw his brainchild Audio Asylum skyrocket in one year because he just knows his shit. He brings big names to Newcastle by hating mainstream music the most and has transcended into a big name himself. It doesn’t get any edgier than this.

We asked him why he’s a BNOC and he said he’s “proud to have helped shape underground music in the city.”

More? You want more?

Ben Layton

Comrade of Miles Freeman, DOS patron and all round good guy, even if this photo is a little cringe. As a typical entrepreneur he has fingers in all the pies, including the recent ‘The Disco’ night.

Ben Tubbs

Yes mate. Vino, bird, club, Ralphy shirt – yes.

“Looks like Wes Brown/Baked bean, social smoker, cunt hunter, and is just like a pot of cream – rich & thick. Ticking all the boxes, surely.”


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