How to Get 40%

Can you count the number of lectures you’ve been to this semester on one hand? You need our help…

2:1 Exams fail studying uni Work

A fool-proof guide to passing your exams – even when you’ve only got one day left.
Get a motivational plan for after exams, whether it’s the pub or a holiday – you have something to look forward to for when it’s all over.


Things you will need


  • Caffeine, Coffee and Kick – be ready to buzz and never ever stop as you will crash and burn
  • Books – writing paper and any textbooks you can get your hands on (all the ones in the library have probably gone)
  • Stationery – Biros, Highlighters, Coloured pens, Staplers and Sticky Notes – the prettier your revision the more likely you are to learn.
  • Snacks – Sweets, Chocolate and Diet Coke – Forget about beach body until after exams.

9am – It’s early, your bed is comfy and the thought of getting up makes you want to kill yourself. The Tab doesn’t care. Get out of bed, put on your best revision face and leg it to the library – this is the ONLY way you will get a seat and get this done in time. We have it on good advice to avoid the SJ if you’re easily distracted. (That’s where the eye-candy is.)

10am – You should have a seat and be all set up now. Turn off your phone (trust me, nobody needs you that bad) and don’t you dare touch Facebook – those pictures can wait until tomorrow
Figure out what the exam actually consists of and pick the easiest topics (The ones with the most info on vital/The ones you vaguely remember)
Get onto Vital – this is literally your lifeline. Copy out EVERYTHING relevant and commit it to your memory – check for any extra things tutors have told you to do and DO them. All those seminars you missed? Do the reading/borrow somebodies notes – if there’s nothing on Vital, there’s no hope for you. Drop out.

12pm – You should have made it through the basics, don’t worry if you haven’t got time for extra reading – you can probably wing it from your lecture/seminar work.
Have a quick break – Get away from where you’re working: take a walk, ring a friend or have a long lunch.

Take a few minutes to organise your work. If you’ve got the basic notes down you can go home. If you haven’t – repeat your steps.

2pm – Make flashcards, spider diagrams and pictures – whatever works for you. Colour is key. Stick them up on your wall so you have permanent reminders everywhere.

Practically pieces of art

Try to memorise and condense your notes: say them out loud, get a friend to test you or copy them out over and over again.

4pm – Avoid your bed by all means, sleeping will come later. Make sure your room isn’t too warm and don’t distract yourself by talking to your housemates.

5pm – Keep going. If you’re pondering the meaning of life you’ve gone too far – pop some more pro plus.

6pm – Have a look at past questions and try to plan out answers/ actually attempt to give yourself a mock.

7pm – If you haven’t done that well, look over your notes and try again.

8pm – Eat. Have a break; think seriously if there is anything you’ve missed out…

9pm – Have a last look over everything. Hopefully it’ll have sunk in by now.
Check the marking criteria (If there is any) and find out the absolute minimum you need to do to pass.

11:30pm – Go to bed – if you don’t know it by now you never will. Pray to the Liver Birds and set your alarm.
Turning up to the exam probably gets you 10% anyway.
Good Luck!

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