Alan Sugar

Being An Entrepreneur…In GIFs

Want to work at a startup? Don’t do it till you know what to expect – check out our story of the startup in GIFs. Which is pronounced JIFs, don’t you know.

business GIF Student university

Running your own business is a little like creating your own mini university: you’ll bond through hard work, late nights, and a lot of drinking. You’ll probably have to work with someone with a borderline personality disorder, and you’ll definitely experience intense highs followed by sustained periods of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion that make you want to quit the freedom and join the rat race.

But you didn’t let that put you off when you started navigating UCAS. Being prepared is the best weapon when it comes to fending off the taunts of despots in the Sir Alan mould. In the spirit of prescience, we’ve selected the top ten GIFs that express the rollercoaster of working at a startup.

Pitching to investors

Celebrating the launch

The morning-after fallout

When the boss is buying dinner

When the boss expects you to stay till 3am as payment for dinner

Waking up and remembering an indiscretion with a colleague the night before

Realising it was one of the tech nerds

Getting a new Twitter follower

When an investor directs a question at you

When your CEO delivers a ‘motivational’ talk that actually says, ‘we’re making no money – I need to harvest your soul for profit’