Who we are


The Tab is a platform for the most talented young journalists to report and write, professionally and independently.

We are a new kind of news network – a bottom-up organization that favors originality over rehashed content, reporting over lists, and realizes that newspapers and TV networks suck so much at reporting on young people that young people now deserve to do it themselves.

Our coverage is run by young editors locally and backed up by our newsrooms in London and New York, which support and train Tab reporters. Most of our paid staff are former campus contributors.

Tab reporters have broken big stories – like a global scoop on Malia Obama’s college choice – and write for some of the most engaged audiences in journalism.

Our editors believe the fabric of a community depends on a variety of stories, reported by the community itself.

The world needs more of this kind of journalism. By teaching young people to report on their own worlds, we are resurrecting local news for a new age. If you want to be a political reporter, a commentator, or a foreign correspondent, you have to learn the practical skills of going out and talking to people.

Our Tab alumni are working for Reuters, Vogue, the Guardian, BuzzFeed and the Daily Mail – and three of the four trainees at the Daily Telegraph last year were Tab editors.

We don’t have an agenda. Like the real world, The Tab is a chaotic platform for reporting and debate – one supported by a powerful tech division that spreads local stories to a huge audience.

What we are doing is new and it is ambitious – a powerful, grassroots network of reporters who care about originality and know the value of real journalism and having nothing off-limits.

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