Who you calling a basic bitch?

We asked the women of Sussex how they felt about being called ‘basic’

No drinking and Tickell memes? Predictions for second year at Sussex

“Perhaps I’ll unwind by watching ‘the footie’ with the lads down at East Slope, bathed in golden Fosters juice and the glory of my oiled beard-hair”

Snowcats to come to Brighton this spring

Find them and help raise money for charity

REVEALED: The worst thing about Sussex

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REVEALED: The best thing about Sussex

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The SU spent £700 on Varsity banners, here’s what they could have bought instead

There were definitely more effective ways to spend that money..

By the way, Sussex smashed Varsity 12.5 – 7.5

We might have forgotten about this

Brighton student creates parliamentary petition to void this year’s Varsity result

He blames Sussex’s lack of security for Brighton’s loss this year

Fights, flares and fire: Sussex Varsity abandoned after descending into violence

Students’ Union outlets closed down, police involvement, and bottle throwing are just a few of the things that have happened today

We are live updating all the scores and news for Sussex Varsity

We will be live updating this page with all the information about Varsity

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App created by Sussex alumni hits UK number one

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I spoke to Kitten Skye, the BDSM queen of Brighton

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