70 per cent of working class students feel class is a barrier to them

“Once we got the letter saying that we’d got into university, that’s when we thought that educational and social inequality had ended. When I got into university it was clear within the first three weeks that this wasn’t the case.”

Yesterday, people got stuck in the i360 for an hour and a half

The electric wires of the attraction snapped, leaving the i360 stranded in mid air

Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: Joel Chilaka

“Single, on the prowl and ready to mingle”

Sussex Global Studies school responds to right-wing classes

Head of Global Studies faculty affirms her commitment to challenge all forms of discrimination.

Meet the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs: The vigilantes sabotaging animal hunts

Non-violent and direct action preventing the killing of animals for sport – meet Brighton’s unsung animal welfare heroes.

Aldi cancel week long closure after customer feedback

Phew, that was a close call

Hot dogs, desperation and pure cheese: Just your standard night at Pryzm, Brighton

I refuse to believe there are only three rooms

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I quit the internet for a day and this is what happened

Does Sassy Socialist Memes still exist, or has the revolution withered without my daily likes?

NASA discovers new solar system full of earth-like planets

NASA reports that it could support alien life.

Sussex to teach classes on how to deal with right wing attitudes

A professor led a workshop for academic staff on how to “deal with right-wing attitudes in the classroom”.

Regression Sessions is returning to Brighton

The chaos of a kid’s birthday party combined with electronic music touches down at Concorde 2 next month

Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: William Lorimer Turner

‘Just a guy looking for someone to be the beer to my pong’

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Here are your Sussex presidential candidates

We assessed their manifestos too

‘I went on a suicide route’: What happened after a Sussex grad was nearly deported by the Home Office

In 2015, Luqman Onikosi’s application to remain in the UK on medical grounds was terminated

Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: Steffan

“I’d take a girl to a theatre, but only to watch a play that I’m in…”

An honest review of: Moulsecoomb

It’s not the best

Poetry slams are not just for weirdos, and here is why

Imagine the US election debate but with a theme and more rhyme